Miss Foxy Fix it

Don’t toss it out, let lil’ Miss Foxy Fix-it!

I do Custom Alterations, General mending, Fancy adornments and more!  Currently, I live in the Denver/ Boulder area of Colorado (Firestone to be exact).  So if you’ve got clothes, linens (or anything fabric) that need a fixin’ or a fancy-‘in and you live in Northeastern CO, Give me a call:)

AND For those of you who don’t live in Colorado, I am able to do lots of custom work Via, mail, phone and email.  If you simply need your pants hemmed…I hope you can find someone near you to take care of that, but, if you want embellishments or a custom up-cycled garment, please get in touch…I will embroider, applique, and re-design all you want.



For custom orders, please fill out the Custom order form.

Price list:

For Custom alterations, or Fancy adornments I charge $20/ hour, if you are unsure what category  your item falls under, just let me know, I will always give you a quote and stick to it.

Zipper installation

inner-wear zippers (light weight dresses, pants, skirts, shirts)- $10

outerwear zippers (coats, vests, snowpants..etc)-$ 20

zippers on denim- $15



denim pants-$15

Skirts/dresses $4 (per foot of hem)

Buttons/Button Holes

Any size button-$2

Hand stitched button hole-$5

Machine button hole-$2 per inch of length