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Three Craw Umbrella Project

You can make a lot of plans when you are weeding!

I met a coupla’ creative cohorts while working on a beautiful organic farm (Birdsfoot Farm): in the North-country of new York state.

Lindsay, Stephanie  and I were all in the same boat, broke ,crafty, temporarily in New York, and obsessed with making lots of  useable/wearable art from scavenged materials.

We decided to join forces and sign ourselves up for a few craft fairs under a unified name “Three Craw Umbrella Project”.  It was a first time for all of us, and it felt really supportive to not be exploring this unknown territory alone.

We plan to keep in touch and possibly expand the idea of our project to be something that can help other artists in this boat we share to support each other as well!

Stephanie and Lindsay have etsy stores too…take a look!